February Frenzy affiliate competition


YO Affiliates!
February is here and we are starting 2018 with a bang!
This is your chance to kick start the year and set yourself up for an even bigger and better 2018 as an Envato affiliate partner. All affiliates welcome to register and if you haven’t yet made an affiliate referral, February would be a great time to start.

Competition Format:
Once again we are splitting affiliates into leagues based on their January 2018 new deposit count with a share of $15,000 up for grabs with 2 prizes on offer per league. One prize for highest Month-over-Month growth by actual new deposits and a second prize for highest Month-over-Month growth by 10%.

Head over to the competition page for full details and register!

Best of luck!
Envato Affiliates team


Hello emile_b
I am new here, the result of the Feb, 2018, I am work hard for it, but why this competition only for Deposits?
Thank you so much.

Clickthroughs Registered Deposits Earnings Avg Earnings!
906 55 0 0 0

I would imagine this is because affiliates are based on:

  • earning a % of the first purchase of envato credits or an item
  • on the user having not visited envato sites previously

Your graph shows that you did a great job of bringing people in, however, we don’t know if they were first-time visitors, PLUS it also shows that no one deposited funds which would be a requirement for earning.

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Well Envato earn money from deposits, they don’t earn anything just from clickthroughs. So a $15,000 outlay on prizes would be much better spent on something that earns them money, rather than something that doesn’t.

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Your right, I will keep going on it.

You are right, but I refer a lot of potential customers to this site, this is a business community.

If at the end of the Feb, 2018, I can join this part of the contest ?
New Affiliate League | 0 in New Deposits (Jan '18)Total Prize: $500
1st Prize: $350 (Highest MoM New Deposits)
2nd Prize: $150 (Highest MoM % Growth)

If you’ve not referred anybody (who made a deposit) in January, then you’re eligible for that part of the contest during February. But there’s a 30 deposit minimum, so it’s unlikely you’ll meet that by the end of the month.

if they run the same contest next month, and you don;t have any deposits this month, then you’ll be eligible for the same prize next month. But they don;t run affiliate competitions every month, and the prizes/winning requirements often change.

I appreciate that you may be referring a lot of ‘potential’ customers to the site, but Envato (and most businesses) are interested in actual customers. However, if these people have a very strong potential to turn into actual customers… then that should be reflected in your deposits count, and will give you a better chance of winning any of these contest. If these ‘potential’ customers don’t ever buy anything… should you be rewarded for that?

I could probably get all my Facebook friends to click on a referral link if they asked nicely, but it’s unlikely they’re going to buy anything. So they may be ‘potential’ customers… but there’s hardly any potential there.

And one final point… if they did award prizes purely for clickthroughs, then they’re just losing money. A competition that loses them money is going to be one that they’re unlikely to want to repeat, so it could spell the end of such things.

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Thank you for providing a complete introduction and explanation to me. In any case, it is not too important to win the competition. I joined here in February and I share my referral within a week without any referrals. By now, about 70 new members are registered.

My target market is non-English speaking countries, mainly Asia (China, Taiwan and Hong Kong). All of them are Chinese users. I do not copy the official language directly. If I want to succeed, I need to do some localization work.

Since I was a graphic designer, I designed and compiled an introductory picture of the themeforest’s excellent Wordpress theme, and many Asians have never heard of themeforest, so I introduced them to them each month for a free Wordpress theme I bring good user conversion rate.

This is one of the promotion through social platforms, other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest etc …

Disadvantage :
I’ve attracted most of them because of the free WordPress theme users to themeforest, and they may be less likely to spend the money on the theme users.

My design

Thanks for your interest in our affiliate program and the masses amounts of effort you are dedicating to his. Of course the desired outcome is to refer new customers and we want to provide all the advice and assistance possible to help you achieve that. Feel free to email me directly on emile.ben-atar@envato.com and I will be happy to help where I can!

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Thank you for reply, could you please suggest some blog link of themeforest as good for me?

At the end of Feb, I refer over 100 new members but get 0 Deposits, really sad, thank you all reply me on this post, I will work hard again.

Are the winners of this competition announced somewhere yet? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hey @SnailMusic,
Winners have already been contacted.
I will reach out to you now to explain how close you were!

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Hello, Does the results of this contest comes out?