December Affiliate Competition Results Are In!

Congratulations to our Affiliate Competition Winners!

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$15K “Most Improved” Competition Results

After the huge success and great feedback from our first ever Affiliate competition, Envato went bigger and better with its “Most Improved” competition to identify the fast rising affiliates amongst our niche community.

The competition ran for one month from December 1st to December 31st, 2015. We saw affiliate earnings increase by approx 20% over last December (2014) and most of you experienced significantly higher numbers year over year. Envato would like to congratulate its top five most improved affiliate competition winners who generated the highest percentage based improvements on new buyers. These talented people share in the $15,000 prize money.

Affiliate Competition Winners

Everyone who got close to holding onto their November earnings deserves a huge pat on the back.

December is typically 30% slower in our industry so those who finished up only 10-20% short of their previous month did exceptionally well. Along the way, you all have provided excellent feedback, and we thank you very much and assure you we are acting on many of your ideas, including:

We are closer to introducing a new flexible and transparent affiliate platform.

We’ve recently released our top selling items list for each ecosystem.

We are designing an Elite Affiliates rewards program with excellent benefits.

More competitions & great prizes are on the way.

Our next competition will commence on February 1st and the prize money will again jump significantly so we can reward more of our top affiliates. You’ve told us that you’d like to be rewarded for repeat buyers and we’ve listened! Stay tuned for the details in our next update.

We thank all Envato Affiliates for their involvement in the competition, growing with us and sharing your ideas for future improvements.

High Converting Content
Onwards and upwards.

Mike Zyvoloski | Affiliate Manager


Thanks Mike and Congratulations to the winners!
P.S. Can’t wait new Affiliate Platform!

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Everyone who took part in the competition did GREAT!

We are all excited for a new system and we are working hard to get the deal in place!

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Great news with the future impovements of the affiliate system.
Also , congrats to all the winners :tada:

Is there any chance we can know the expected release date of this one? :smile:
And congratulations to the winners btw.

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When announced the winners?

See Winners here:

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Awesome news and congratulations winners! :slight_smile:


I referred 9 people. lol

Really need to lift my game there.

Congrats :smiley: I referred 10+, it’s too small :stuck_out_tongue: