Featured Authors

Hey guys!

I have a question for the administration. How does the selection of Featured Authors? I have been on the graphic river for 9 years and have never been chosen as a Featured Authors!
What is the problem? Authors who are registered for a month and have no sales become Featured Authors.

I find it absurd, not honest and weird o_O

I do not think there is a criteria here it’s more like lottery. You can play entire life for nothing or you can hit it from start. I think someone randomly pick authors.

Maybe. But I think this is not right…and the administration should give a chance to attract customers, sellers who for many years bring the company money and have good portfolios.

lol so u mean that it looks the same as for selecting guys to take part in certain programs and not others, right?! lol

Same topic 2 weeks ago. Still no solid answer from Envato staff.

With less than 625 featured authors in the history of AudioJungle (not sure of the exact number, just going off 52 weeks x 12 years), it’s considerably more likely for you not to be a featured author than it is for you to be a featured author… especially with over 21,000 authors currently.

With all due respect, this doesn’t answer the question. Actually, it makes the latest trend look even weirder and statistically impossible.

The trend in the latest months is clear: many of the featured authors have just signed up and many of the featured items have just been released.

It would be good to have a confirmation that this clear trend is an actual criterion that the Quality Team takes into account when selecting a new featured author or a new featured item. Because, if that is the case, instead of releasing a new item under my 9-year-old account, I would create a new account and release the new item with that.

I am under the impression that some new users might be veterans who create new accounts just to fall into this trend. It took me 5 years to perfect how to format an item description, how to use the dashboard tools proficiently, how the affiliate program works. Some of these new users get all that right out of the box, in just a few weeks.

So, bottom line, if this trend is not a coincidence – it would be very unlikely, from a statistical point of view –, we would like to know.