principle of choice Featured Authors

What is the principle of choice Featured Authors?
How to become to Featured Authors?

thank you!

It is not randomly. As I said in my topic, there are requirements.
Take a look to “Featured” desk and you will see that 70% of tracks are Corporate/Motivational. Most of them does not have any uniqe sound, or some interesting art piece. Converserly, they are 80-99% the same, I mean same instruments, same structure, even same sound.

So, in my opinon, to get more chances being featured, first, work in Corporate genre. I guess that increases chances.

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Already long time, in principle, I don’t make corporate-motivational. And still, I believe that Envato saw my tracks!! :smiley_cat: I will believe as I can! Ahrrrrrrrr (-__________-)


Well, I guess because there are so many corporote tracks/authors in the jungle, the chances the featured author has corporate stuff is just way bigger. I myself had 1 corporate track in my portfolio when I was featured, so it certainly isn’t a requirement.

When I was selected to be featured they mailed me that they just loved my tracks, so I guess the best bet to become one is just to keep making cool music!

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Hard work and luck. I’d say mostly luck. That’s what I think.

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Featured Authors and tracks are for whatever commercial reasons handpicked by Envato staff. You will never see a harsh rude track being featured but something easy sellable.

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I think, better idea is to allow authors to select their featured track, when they chosen for feature. I am glad i was selected for featured track this year, but Envato chose one of my very very niche track. So my one and only chance to jump in sales was spoiled. Sorry guys, some of you want to beat me for that. But imagine my happy and sad at the same time face, when i saw, what was selected for feature. First reaction was - “Wow!”, then - “Jesus, why!”. I had a lot of corporate and technological music, but fashion house track was selected (and sold more than 200 times, so i am happy, with some pinch of bitterness). So answering your questions - featured track selected by Envato staff (Adrien responsible for this, as i assume), so it seems, only he knows what systems lays behind those decisions. Some funny example - featured Christmas track of some very respectable author, selected almost one month AFTER Christmas. On other side of this equation - example of featured track with 1400 sales. As for me, i am happy about feature anyway, thankfully, it was my best selling month due well organized links to my other tracks. But sometimes i look with sadness on those guys, who jumped high because of right selection of right track. So, as you see on my example, it is some kind of lottery.


100% right

Hi Lumen, please don’t make any assumptions in this regard. It’s not a singular staff process across the markets in any given instance. Naturally for internal reasons the “secret selection recipe” cannot be spelled out regarding the marketing and features process, but for anyone who was not around at the time general info was posted on the old forum by Scott, the info resides here in the AJ FAQ.

Спасибо ))


Ha ha, Adrien, you caught me.
Всегда пожалуйста.


Probably first of all track have to be in corporate-motivational genre and all after is a single luck on lottery.

Wouldn’t we like to know!!!
I hope i will be alive when my time comes :wink:
Good luck to everyone, though! I am happy for every new or old artist that’s gets THAT lucky! Cause it’s always deserved!

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