Farewell Envato!

Farewell Envato!
Dear friends authors and Envato company!
I have been with you since 2017 and I loved this job!
Unfortunately, I am an author from Russia and I cannot receive payments from the company, so I have to part with you.
I will be infinitely glad if I have the opportunity to return someday!
Peaceful skies to everyone and elite status for authors!
Farewell! Ryasnyansky Valery from Russia.


What happened, I have clients from Rusia?

I am sorry to hear this, this is not good for any of us…


Yeah, but it is what it is. Thank you for your support <3

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Так два года нет выплат. К чему этот запоздалый пафос?

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censorship will help for sure.

we’re thankful for the dystopic control that lies upon us