False Copyright Claim on Youtube

I recently uploaded a video that uses one of Mixkit’s (owned by Envato) royalty-free background music tracks to Youtube, and the video got flagged for Copyright. Upon reviewing the flag, I noticed that Youtube seems to think it’s a completely different author/track name. I see that track uploaded in late April, 1.5 years AFTER Mixkit released it, so clearly that author is not a legitimate copyright owner. Moreover, same author/channel uploaded several other tracks, adding nothing but a fancy title/cover for them.

I suspect this individual/group is stealing content from other creators and uploading it on Youtube to try to monetize other people’s work. This is the music in question: Baby Black - YouTube, but the real music this was copied from is C.B.P.D by Arulo (which, ironically, even on Youtube predates the Copyright claim by over 1.5 years: C.B.P.D by Arulo |Hip Hop No Copyright Music | MusicFreak - FREE MUSIC - YouTube). Youtube dispute process is not great, it’s basically up to the infringing party to approve/deny the claim. Is there something Envato or Mixkit can do about this to either punish the thief or re-attribute the copyright so it can be used by hobbyists?

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Sounds and looks like a real mess.

That’s what you get when you have music authors who don’t really know what they’re doing and buyers who don’t bother with the license terms.

From what I gathered, the claimant is “Michs Mins” who used the Arulo’s background music as the instrumental part of their song "Baby Black. Once they added their vocals they registered their song with ContentID and that’s why you got the claim.

Only the real author can sort this mess out and try to reclaim ownership of their music. Is there a way to contact Arulo through Mixkit?

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