Fake email from Envato?

I just received an email from Envato which told me that i was signing in from another location ( device and location specified) .
If you did not sign in, please [change your password].

Trying to change password, leaded me to some error. The email looked legit to me.
I have already forwarded the email to Envato support but i need to know if any of you, guys, got any of those?


Please change your password immediately on original envato website.
Because you said you tried and leaded to error page may be your current password saved by the hackers.
So be careful and change your current password now.
Hope this helped

That was the first thing i did. But thank you.


You can get in touch with envato author support team for official support and report against that guy who send you mail.
Envato support team will handle that.

Best Regards.

Did that too, mate.I wrote in the initial post.

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