Facebook blocks all released music?

Fellow composers:

I was wondering if you could help me test a theory.

I have been running some tests, uploading my own tracks to Facebook, and they are getting blocked. The audio gets muted and there is no option to change it.

I thought this might have been due to Content ID or DistroLock, but that doesn’t seem to be the case (definitely not DistroLock, as I only tried two tracks there, but many are getting blocked). I think it’s just due to distribution in general.

If you want, please test some of your tracks with dummy videos on Facebook, to see if this happens to your music. Ideally, tracks that are ONLY released (but not in YouTube Content ID), and vice versa.

It takes a few minutes for the block to show up on Facebook.


I have tried few tracks. Here is the result

Track 1

Content ID - yes
Released - no
Facebook block - no

Track 2

Content ID - no
Released - yes
Also available on Facebook/Instagram (via distribution) - yes

Facebook block - no

Track 3

Content ID - yes
Released - yes
Also available on Facebook/Instagram (via distribution) - yes
Also DistroLock + Audible Magic - yes

Facebook block - yes

So, only one video was blocked, the one with DistroLock and Audible Magic

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Thanks! Interesting.

I had many that were blocked that are NOT in DistroLock/Audible Magic, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

I also have a couple of distributed tracks that are not blocked, but I think that’s more of a detection error (it happens on YouTube too sometimes, even though the tracks are in Content ID).

Anyway, good to hear more examples.

Which company did you release it through?
We have found out together with my wife some information on cdbaby. She released there some singles, not royalty free.
It says there: Please do not opt in tracks that use blanket-licensed or royalty-free content, as this content is not suitable for Social Video Monetization.
Is that answer for your question? Now I am wondering about DistroKid. Track that have been released via DistroKid is not blocked on facebook.

I have only used DistroKid.

Try some more tracks that are released, as I think the detection system misses sometimes.

I’m working on a new track that I will test more with, before Content ID.

First I will test upload to Facebook before any distribution or Content ID for a control test.

Then I will distribute only to Spotify (via DistroKid, no DistroLock, no Audible Magic).

Then add more stores (via DistroKid).

Then add Content ID.

I have seen some threads on Reddit where they discuss this exact problem, and it seems just the act of distribution is why Facebook picks up some tracks. Doesn’t matter if you have distributed to Facebook/Instagram or not, according to the people posting there.

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Do you remember how long it takes to unlock the track from distrolock?

Well, I didn’t time it exactly, but the next day the block was gone on SoundCloud.

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ok, thank you)