Audiojungle Track gets Livestream cancelled!

Hello, we are a social media agency and have created a livestream for one of our clients. We used an audio jungle track from France 3 Poitou-Charentes for the intro. According to the standard music license this is included in our license.

In the first minutes our stream was terminated by Facebook because of their upload filter, and the support team said the artist should have given us permission to use this track in the Facebook Rights Manager. I know that it is completely impractical for Audiojungle to allow each customer to use it individually, but how can it be that an artist blocks a song for use if he publishes via Audiojungle?

How can we prevent that something like that happens again?

With kind regards

I don´t know exactly how it works in Facebook, but in Youtube you must send them the invoice and the claim will be remove.

I would think it is the same for Facebook.

Hope this can help.

But unfortunately the stream gets cancelled when we were live as soon as the system discovers a “violation”