Facebook blocked a video from my client - please read

Hi there fellow Audiojunglers,

a production library who produced a video for a client featuring my music has been blocked by SME (Sony Music Entertainment) on facebook. They opened up a dispute with the receipt attached and it was rejected. I told them to attach the license.

Is there anyone who had this experience who can help out?

Any help is much appreciated!

Sounds like either a case of false positive, or fraudulent registration.

In any case Sony Music has no reason to recognize an Envato license, as it has nothing to do with them. So don’t expect anything there.

Did you get a chance to have a look at the copyright notice (or Facebook equivalent)? Is there the author’s name (yours or someone else’s)?

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There’s no title or composer/artist name displayed.

The production company contacted me and I told them to use the license to solve the issue. I told them If there’s still a problem they should contact envato support or me directly again. Still waiting for their response. I’ll keep you up to date how it turned out.

Unfortunately, this won’t do anything but waste time, as the blocking doesn’t originate from you.

I wouldn’t expect anything from Envato support either, they can’t do anything in such cases, as only the copyright holder can weigh in.

Did you register the track with ContentID? If so, you may want to contact AdRev and ask them if they can do anything to help you with this.

You should also upload a video of your own that includes the incriminated track on Facebook, so that you can open a dispute yourself and fight it directly.

And yes please, let us know how it goes, as these processes are still new and knowledge of it would benefit the community.

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