Evanto host... only for customizing and installing new theme


Hi All,

I recently purchuse the Campus theme from theme Island …but because of busy schedules I want to subscribe to Evanto Host service which as far as I know its a service that help costumer to install theme and customize it …

my concern is ist possible to take this service without the host plan from Evanto as I already have my VPS hosting plan…

and ist possible to install any theme with this service ?



https://themeforest.net/wordpress/hosted If you mean this then it is only a hosting solution that is available with certain themes. More info here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207977766-What-is-Envato-Hosted-

If you need a service to install and customise a theme then you should look for vetted freelancers on www.studio.envato.com . This can then be carried out on any theme, hosted anywhere


Yes Im talking about the hosted service … but if you select the annuel plan its saying " Full Service Theme Customization"


In fairness I hadn’t seen that before.

Nevertheless this applies only to specific themes and you should take the time to be very clear about what that includes and what it doesn’t