ERRRRR Can't Purchase Item

Can someone please help me, I am up against a deadline to build a website for a client and
I can’t purchase the theme.
I press buy and I get the awful
Ooops! Looks like we broke something.

Tried several times now and same thing every time. .

I am not sure where to even post this.
“Where should I post this”
"Site not working "
“Failure to deliver the basic point of the site.”

Please someone tell me who to contact or what to do.


Very strange! Are you able to open a Help Ticket here?

Our Help Team will be happy to investigate. Thanks!

Thanks for that I will do that right now.

Just tried checkout again, got that error again.

I will update when I know more.


That all suddenly started working.
Still there is probably something not working great at the moment.

Should I inform someone? Should I delete this post ?

That’s good news! I’ll check around to see if anyone else is noticing a similar issue. No need to delete the thread :smiley:

I’ve noticed ThemeForest running extremely slow the past few days and the “Ooops! Looks like we broke something.” message has appeared a few times. Viewing from the UK, if that helps.

Yeah there were some internet slowness issues in Europe. Devs are investigating as to the cause.

Yep. Extremely slow connection also from Germany… Guess quite a few buyers from Europe will have problems purchasing with the marketplace running this slow.