Error - wp_remote_get() failed / theme wordpress

I have a big problem with a template:

“The connection to theme’s remote API via wp_remote_get() failed. Some theme features ( activation, plugins and demo content import ) will not work. Please contact your hosting provider and make sure that is not blocked”

I successfully activated the template and code but I keep getting an error that slows down the site and its performance, long page load etc.

The author says that the error is on the side of OVH domain and server provider. And I think he is right, because I did a test, updating the template on another server and domain.

1. OVH -
2. private server -

As you can see, the difference in data download is huge, right? And all the time notification with error in wordpress.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? OVH claims that:

“I kindly inform you that the website is not blocked in any way on our side.
Please make sure that our IP Gateway is not blocked in the site configuration.”
"I kindly inform you that regarding the configuration of plugins on your hosting we do not provide support here. I would suggest you to contact your IT specialist regarding this issue.
As I mentioned in earlier correspondence outgoing connections are not blocked on our side in any way. "

Help dudes :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately a rather difficult problem to advise on without the underlying error from wp_remote_get() and possibly the versions of PHP and its extensions as well.

It ultimately should be the web host’s responsibility to access the server and ensure a connection can be established – even if they know it hasn’t been blocked on their side they could at least pinpoint why it’s failing this way.

But I would also place some expectation on the theme’s author here, to properly deliver to you the underlying error message so that you or your web host may debug the issue. For all we know, it’s a simple issue that can be fixed in seconds, but we don’t have anything to work with.

I would advise going back to both sides and trying to get more information.

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I have got feedback from OVH:

I would like to inform you that at the moment the IP address is not on the spamlist. Earlier it was indeed there.

Are you still experiencing problems with the functioning of the website?

My suggestion is to contact the creator of the plug-in with a request to add IP address of our hosting to the whitelist.