Error upload

I just sign up with Audiojungle, fill up the form, received mail etc… I tried to upload my first 5 songs, I can easily upload my thumbnail but the mp3 (watermark) and the zip are rejected (message error). I followed of course the step-by-step guide watch few tuto etc…I tried Firefox and Chrome, still the same…
Do I have to complet something else ? Is anyone got a tip ?
Thank you

Hello @3oaksstockmusic ! Can you show your upload screenshot? What Bit rate mp3 do you upload? As well as wav and zip archives (do not confuse with WinRAR).

Check the exact error message (red). What is written there? Can you say that?

What do you put here?

It’s only written “error” with a truck (logo)

Audio preview : mp3 (320) with watermark
Main files : zip with mp3 and wave

Refresh the download page with the track in about 3-5 minutes. I had the same thing. There, what is shown as an error is not an error. Just do not write a description (otherwise you will have to write in a new one), they are loaded later (after page refresh).

Thanx CleanMagicAudio, I’ll give a try

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Same thing here when I refresh, I finally upload them via FTP and everything’s fine.
Thank you guys for the tips !
Be creative !

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I’m glad you solved the problem! :wink:
Come again, the forum always helps!

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i have a problem on the audio jungle i posted the music and i still haven’t got the answer 9 days wait for upload

The Queued is right now about 11-12 days, you can check it in this thread.

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