how correctly upload music on audiojungle


hi i need some halp!! i’m new on audiojungle and i try to upload music but after 11 days i got message track couldn’t be accepted. :frowning: can anyone make some tutorial step by step please or send me link with video i really need this help… thanks


First you need the Good Music.
Share your music in here some of audiojungle authors will try to help you.


how? i don’t know i’m new here ;/


Share a link to your music, Soundcloud, Dropbox or similar.


here but i mean how correctly upload music for sale


Replied Check your mail.


yes yes i read it now thanks a lot


You are welcome :slight_smile:


sorry i have questions again how remove watermark from the zip file. i press edit and Update Item and Tags (requires review) so now i must upload zip file again? or?


Yes you need to upload the final zip again and chose it in
final zip field. then submit for rereview


with only wav and mp3 right? and how about Optional Thumbnail Audio Preview??


thumb and preview is good - no need to chenge them - just update (submit) the final zip only.


ok thanks you really helped me


hello guys …i still waiting for upload an audio track 13 days .i have to share my music on sound cloud to be acceptable …?


No, you don’t need to upload it to Soundcloud. The review que is currently more than 14 days.


thanks man :slight_smile:


Hello when the upload its ok why i cant hear the" audiojingle voice "in my track?for safety :slight_smile: thanks man :wink: