Error on envato website

Hi there,
sorry for posting here under that topic, but I did not find an appropriate email address for customers for my issue.
I registered yesterday at envatos website for buying some audio pieces. After registration I logged in an clicked on audiojungle. Got directed to the terms and agreement dialogue. Clicked everything on and acknowledged and got directed to the envato main page. Now clicking on audiojungle created a loop and I was redirected back on the same terms and agreement dialogue.
What now to do? I would really appreciate your help because I wanted to buy something :smiley:

Please open a Help ticket and describe your situation and any error message you may be getting. They will be happy to help.


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I have a problem like this on payment page. When i entered my credit card number and press complete payment button, created a loop on sign-in page. I opened a ticket as suggested above, 4 days ago, and no answers yet. Nobody helps about this problem.