Epic and Heroic Background Music for Web App


I’m currently looking for background music for the landing page of an online configurator for lightsabers. The landing page will contain the following particle animation where the particles will form a lightsaber: https://www.iamnop.com/particles/
I’m looking for a kind of epic and heroic music that suits the overall lightsaber topic. My favorite music for this is the following:

What impresses me is the smooth beginning and the heroic trumpet part.

Does somebody know similar music?

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Hello! Look here https://audiojungle.net/collections/6515227-epic-cinematic-trailer-music?utf8=✓&sort_by=default&type_id=6515227 maybe you’ll find what you need. Good luck searching!

Hello Peter,

I recommend these two pieces (each has 3 versions) by HoneyLoud:
This track is powerful and dramatic with smooth beginning and heroic trumpet.

This track has a smoother beginning, then the other, but is also more powerful in the end. I think this one suits more to your needs.

I hope it helps you.

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Lilla (Team HoneyLoud)


  1. https://audiojungle.net/item/inspiring-emotional-cinematic/21246589?s_rank=21

Greetings friend!
My recommendation!

Good luck!

Try this


thank you all for your proposals! There are already good pieces among them, but does somebody have perhaps also a track without piano, but with a background choir part supporting the heroic trumpet part like in the example?

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Unfortunately, we don’t have songs without piano, but this great composer, @MagicMusicStudio has a nice & strong portfolio. For example, from his portfolio, we recommend this one:

Team HoneyLoud

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@SaberTec Maybe this track? Choir, heroic trumpet, no piano! :slight_smile: @Symphony-of-Specters

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Hi @SaberTec try it!
With horns

With choir

Background with horns

Tnx for listening :wink:

Thank you all for your proposals! They are all great, but I finally found the example I gave on AudioJungle!

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