Envato WordPress Templates Uploading Excessive "Placeholder' Images

Over the last week, whenever I try to install an Envato Element Wordpress Template page or block, the process is uploading no less than a dozen “placeholder” image files along with the regular template images.

In fact, LAST WEEKEND, one page templae uploaded no less than 1000 “placeholder” images - which completely messed up my hosting account server load. Spend over 3 Hours removing the images and meta data from my Media Library.

Anyone else experiencing this? WHY would this be happening and HOW can one prevent it ???

Hey there.

Authors are not allowed to include the images in the package, as these can have licenses that change over night and have had authors land in trouble in the past for no reason.

Therefore, when uploading an item, reviewers request all stock images be replaced with placeholders.

However, you can contact the author of the theme. Some provide you with links to where they have the images from or, even the actual images if these are CC licensed.