Envato Web templates to SquarSpace

Good day, community: I would just like to know. I downloaded a web template design from “Envato Elements” and I want to redesign it and add my text and images. How am I going to upload it to Squarespace when I’m done editing the codes? Thank you!

You can’t - squarespace uses it’s own bespoke builder - you can’t add custom html (to some extent) but you will not be able to import a template from envato


Got it, but there is an option in SquareSpace that allow user to upload a CSS.

“This area will allow you to inject custom CSS rules into your site.” “Note: Custom CSS does not apply to Cover Pages.”

Maybe but that’s meant for small CSS changes not complete template builds.

Plus many envato templates have multiple CSS files, JS etc.

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Thank you! I appreciate it!