Does Envato accept templates written in SASS instead of normal CSS?


I am trying to build a template with SASS instead of normal CSS, because thats what I am comfortable with.The SASS files will be converted to minified CSS using Gulp.
So does Envato accept templates which are written in SASS and its CSS is minified using gulp.Ofcourse I will be providing the original SASS and gulp files along with the product?
Should I just go with plain CSS?

I think that shouldn’t be a problem.

Include your SASS files, but make sure the template/theme uses unminified output CSS by default. Ideally your CSS output will retain comments & index from your SASS, otherwise it would be advised to add this in after output.

I use LESS, just include 2 versions into archive: for developers with source files (and instructions how to compile) + “ready to use” version with HTML/CSS

Okay thanks everyone :grinning: