Building a website using Envato Elements web templates

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I set up my profile and I asked about using Envato Elements web templates a couple of weeks ago. I purchased the annual subscription of Elements and downloaded my first web template for a dedicated project. I haven’t received an answer for help on building out the web template and I don’t know how to get back to where I originally submitted my question. I submitted it under this Courses and Tutorials, but I can’t see my profile after I signed in. Can anyone re-direct me to locating my original submission? Thanks. NealO. Email: (US).

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Here is your original comment - Help in building Envato Elements Website Templates

If you require help setting up a website I would certainly recommend one of the professionals at Envato Studio -


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Thanks very much for your suggestion KingDog. I think I’m going opt for the tutorial videos route. Learning from an Envato studio pro seems like the ‘no-brainer’, but I’d really like to try the DIY self-ed route first. If I absolutely get stuck, I’ll probably pay for the studio session(s) later. Thanks. NealO.

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