Envato wants us to purchase discounted packages yet they do not respond

It’s quite discouraging that Envato or it’s “partners” do NOT respond to questions or provide NO SUPPORT whatsoever. I guess it’s true what they say: you get what you pay for!

My question is this offer 30 to 50% offering, is it included with the subscription?

If not, then you’re providing lower costs to end users than developers!

I guess I’ll stick with Adobestock.

At least they ALWAYS provide support.

Envato Elements (The subscription service) and Envato Marketplace are two different things. The sale that you’re talking about is for the Envato Marketplace, so it’s completely separate from the subscription.

Authors have the option to set discounts on items, and also have full control over pricing. For sale events like the one mentioned, authors can choose to opt into it or not.

Envato themselves isn’t really involved in specific item support, it is purely on the author of the item to offer support. Keep in mind that authors could be someone who just does this as a hobby and isn’t very active, or they could be a company dedicated to their items, it varies quite a lot.

If you’re looking to contact Envato directly, you can do so with the link below, but if you have questions about an item, such as how it works, support, etc. then you need to contact the author who made it.


Thank You kindly for the explanation. Greatly appreciated.