How can I find out which Envato Market items are available on Envato Elements?

Some files Available on envato market are also available on envato elements. So if I want envato market products, how could i know, if it is already available in envato elements. Because some single files in envato market is expensive than envato elements whole year subscription.

Probably best to search for items on Elements first, and then check the marketplace if you can’t find anything suitable.

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Yearly plan: $198 plus applicable local taxes billed yearly (equivalent to $16.50 per month).

I have not seen projects more expensive than $ 198 on the market :man_shrugging:

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On Envato elements you get absolutely zero support from authors. This is the most important aspect that makes Elements so cheap.

Or updates to the files, which you get for lifetime from the main marketplaces

Look at the Music Broadcast license at audio jungle, you will find :slightly_smiling_face:

Elements only provide Standard License. If you need any other you must buy it on Audiojungle.