Envato Tax

We noticed that the Foreign Tax ID Number that you included in your tax information is not valid.

To ensure that you keep receiving the Sri Lanka - US tax treaty benefits including the reduced rate of royalty withholding tax, please resubmit your tax information with your valid Foreign Tax ID Number. If we do not receive your updated tax information with a valid Foreign Tax ID Number by 20 January 2017, the standard rate of royalty withholding tax of 30% will be applied to your earnings from US buyers.

You may resubmit your tax information by copying the following link and simply updating it with your username:

Your Foreign Tax ID Number is the number that you use when you submit your tax returns or pay taxes in Sri Lanka.

If you do not have a Foreign Tax ID Number, please select “I am not or unable to provide Foreign Tax ID Number”.

If you have any queries or would like some help, please reply to this email.


but i submit already correct detail’s to tax form for last year.why got this e-mail & already i pay 10% for tax.
do i need fill the tax form every year?

Thank x

Are you sure you’ve filled in the right number? Doesn’t sound like they just want you to update it… sounds like they’re saying that the number you’ve provided is incorrect. I’d double check and resubmit.

yes friend already envato deduct 10%tax from my sales this moment.

Hi @cryvfx :slight_smile:

The best way of resolving this is to email taxinfo@envato.com - that way your query will go directly to the team that handles these issues. They will be able to clarify whether Envato currently has invalid Tax ID details from you, or if there is another reason for sending the original email.

Thank you i will contact them. :slight_smile:

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