withholding tax rate problem

Hi…im an individual author and don’t have any tax ID number
I have some problem with my account…
30th Dec 2015 I did submit the tax form to Envato. Since then the US withholding tax rate for my projects were 10%
But after 17th Feb 2017 it changes back to 30%
And I did not make any changes to my account… I really can’t understand this…I’m from Sri Lanka and my country has a tax treaty with the US…
Is there any changes in tax thing happened after 17th Feb?
If so please someone tell me what i need to do for that…

Thank you

The rate if you submit a tax ID should be 10%. The rate if you don’t submit a tax ID should be 30%. So it looks like Envato made an error, which has now been corrected. You should look into getting a tax ID so you can go back to getting the 10% rate.