Envato Studio and Twenty20 to close

Hi all.

When we made the recent announcement regarding changes to Envato’s business, we flagged our intention to close a number of products. From reading your comments over the last month, we appreciate this has been a source of concern among some in our community.

We can now provide more information about these closures and can confirm that our freelancer marketplace Envato Studio, and stock photo marketplace Twenty20, will both be shut down by the end of October.

These are not decisions we make lightly. We’re immensely proud of how these two products have supported the global creative community over the years. Envato Studio providers have completed more than 230,000 thousand jobs since it launched in 2014, while Twenty20 has held a respected place in the world of stock photography by providing tens of millions of authentic alternatives and helping creators reimagine what stock photos could look like.

However, we appreciate that to deliver on our purpose and promise, we need to have a greater focus on the products that will help us bring creative success to as many of our (growing) global creative community as possible. In the case of both Envato Studio and Twenty20, we could no longer continue to invest in their support and growth at the expense of our other products.

You can FAQs and timelines for the closure of each of these products here:

We’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to the creatives and providers on both platforms who have added so much to our community over the years, and we wish them luck on all their future creative journeys.

If you have any questions about the closure of Twenty20 or Envato Studio, please check the FAQs linked above - if your question hasn’t already been covered there, ask here and I’ll get more information for you.


:sob: Studio was the best platform for freelancers ….


It’s bad news for us :frowning:

And what next? Will you close Themeforest Market and focus to the Element?


It is not just a bad news, it is a shocking news for me and to all who consider Envato studio as a main earning source.
After Envato studio launched, I was added to the express customization service pool. From then I started working more on the Studio instead of Graphicriver. Becasue it is 24 hour job and instantly we have to update the buyer. When you get multiple jobs to complete within a short time then you can’t create a creative design item for Marketplaces. So gradually my sales and earnings fall year by year. Now I can’t withdraw every month from Marketplaces. Because I gave all my time to the studio in these 6 years. Now suddenly I got mail about closing the Studio. Envato should think about this authors first before closing the studio. How I run my family now, it will take a long time to restart my marketplace earning again. You know how hard is to approve the item now and sells are not guaranteed. I am very much disappointed by this decision. I want Envato should re-think about it or at least do something for the express service providers. Thanks


With 1.6K+ jobs done, this decision is very disappointing…


If you are a service provider on Envato Studio you could see it coming, so I am not surprised at all. You could clearly see that Envato stopped investing in to the platform and there was decline in new clients and orders. I understand that this is just a business and money talks, but I still feel a bit disappointed, that Envato didn’t offer any alternative to the designers on that platform and did not offer them a part in their new projects, at least to it’s best performing one’s.

That would be the real show of appreciation, not a “sincere” apologies message.

Anyways, I wish all the best to everybody that was dropped out and it is on the hunt for new opportunities.



Oh nooo…please no, the Envato studio was the best, I tried all the alternative sites like Fiverr and Upwork… I built in the last 6 years a great profile with many reviews, and here were quality service providers…compared to other sites for 5 USD you can get everything and there is full of amateurs and beginners. This site helped me during the covid to I have money… now I feel like someone who’s been thrown out of a job…no alternatives and nothing… I can’t believe it :frowning:


Will we be able to contact in any form our clients on the platform and give them a chance to receive our contact information for future projects?

Since we are not able to message them directly or we were not allowed to provide our contacts, how I can get in touch and inform them, that Envato Studio will be shutting down and they won’t be able to contact me anymore?

It would be much appreciated if you could at least open the message board on all of our completed projects, so we can message them with our contacts.

Looking forward your reply.


I have been a member since 2013, i will really miss working at Envato Studio.
I would request all the service providers to connect with me and stick together to tackle this situation.

And this message is for my existing clients, you can find me on fiverr as well.
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Lets create another topic and put your alternate links in it.


This is not a good and fair decision in middle of an economic crisis, we have spent our time here for 8-9 years and more, you should give more time before closing the platform , if just not fair


:coffin: :cry:

Yes, exactly it is looking like this… after all those efforts and time… :frowning:

Why not try to find a solution with Envato that would allow the platform with its users (authors, customers) to be transferred to another space and to continue to operate?

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Hello Envato Team,

We are sad about this decision, but we accept it thinking from your perspective. I will not lie because I saw it coming as there was a decline in clients over the past two years.

I have a few suggestions through which you could help us plan our future further as a Service provider.

  1. Don’t shut down the Envato Studio Marketplace platform by giving such short notice of 1-2 months. It seems unfair for us providers who have spent years building our profile and serving clients. Please give us at least a timeline of 6 months to 1 year to prepare for this big decision and shift.
  2. Also, further after 6 months or 1 year (whatever is decided by Envato), please keep the Envato Studio Platform as a read-only platform (where buyers cannot order/pay) which clients can visit and browse through different Service Providers and send them an enquiry through the profile or their website.
  3. After you make the platform read-only, please keep only active profiles on Envato Studio and remove all inactive Service Provider profiles to facilitate a better directory for clients to search for the most active and top-rated providers.

I think if this could be made anyhow possible by the Envato Management, that could mean a lot for us Studio Service Providers.


Hi Everyone,

This notices shock me as well because it comes out of no where, as other fellows here at Envato Studio this is one of our main income source and in some cases the only one.

It is not fair at all with anyone that they decide to close the platform with this short notice, even worst is to received an automatic email with no human interaction about it; I think we deserve some respect and we are not getting it. We understand how business works but it feels that Envato doesn’t value our commitment and years of hardworking in this awesome community.

If they decide to shut down their service is complete understandable looking it as a business but this is not how to do it, remember you are strong because your community support you.

Today is the saddest day for our community, so disappointed.


I Feel like crying right now, I have spent all my time building the profile, I even stopped working on projects that were meant for the codecanyon.net and other marketplaces just to be able to work the studio platform, and It feels like I have wastes 6 years doing nothing. This is NOT cool.


As Power Elite author and Envato Studio provider who finished more than 1500+ jobs and have 1000 positive reviews I want to ask you to at least provide some way to EXPORT reviews from our clients (as CSV for ex.) or provide ability to import it to some third party service (make integration), like Trust Pilot or something.

We spent almost 10 years to earn reputation as service provider on Envato Studio and have a lot of repeat clients, who now will not be able to even find us. We will lost all reputation gained within 10 years if we will move to some other freelance platform, because nobody will order something from company without confirmed reviews from real people. We don’t have another 10 years to gain this. Or leave ability to see Envato Studio providers pages and reviews in read only mode as was said before.

Make site static and cache it - this will cost you nothing and does not need to have site on high cost servers.

As good move you should not just cancel service and say goodbuy - you should provide new “home” for all your values providers. Move all accounts to some other freelance platform with all reviews.

And this is strange that you just closing down Envato Studio where you have a lot of providers and repeat clients moving on. Better solution here was to SELL this service with rebranding to other company or merge it with other freelance platform.


w-o-w :dotted_line_face:

This is very bad news, Envato Studio is my main income source, now I am little lost since other platforms are not quite good as Studio as far as I know.

I think Envato should re-consider or at least keep Express Installation services.
Also please keep our profiles for at least some years. just static page it costs you nothing.

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