Envato restrictions for Code Scripts

If i understand things correct, when i purchase code scripts from Codecanyon, Envato has a policy saying that it can only be installed on one URL.

But as for me, i allways keep the code in different branches in GitHub and then use sub-domains to deploy the application to a test-environment (where i verify my changes): test-app.mydomain.com before i deploy to my live site app.mydomain.com

But when purchasing code from Codecanyon sellers keep telling me i’m not allowed to do that, since envato has this restriction.

Is this correct? At least i thing that constraint should be for a specific domain (meaning i can have test instances on sub-domains. Anyone else struggling with this?

Hi @snyggren1,

At first you are not allowed to share the item (script/theme/template/ etc) in public (like github) as it is.

According to envato license terms each license will be valid for a specific end product (domain/website). But you are allowed to use the license for your dev environment before use it in the live site. but you must have to unregister the license from the dev environment before use it in the live site. Because you are not allowed to use the same license in more then one environment.



Hi @mgscoder! And thanks for clarifying.

This approach is only suitable before you launch your SaaS. But when i continously add new features it’s not sustainable to unregister the live application, activate test and then go back activating the live site back and forts. I really think it would be resonable to adjust the agreement so that you at least can use the script under one domain (so that you can use sub-domains)?

Hi @snyggren1,

If the item requires you to register the license/URL, you should first check with the author to see if this can be reset. Few authors have a license management systems where they allowed one dev environment (development server) and one live/production server. Please contact the author and ask them about it to know how they manage their license.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


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