Envato policy

Hi everyone. recently newly releasing themes especially UiCore framework based themes such as Vault introduces free try of full-packed theme for 7 days. Then are there any discrepancies of using lite version(removed some functionalities) of theme by downloading theme development team’s site not from wordpress.org for first visitors? Thanks.

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Thanks for your reply.

So you mean that in order to realize what was pointed out above, author must be exclusive author??


No - it means that even if an author is exclusive (obviously non-exclusive is fine) then there is an exception to the exclusivity rules and authors can share lite copies on WordPress.org

I also agree with your idea. There would be no problem.

You would need to ask official support where that offer sits Envato Author Support

Okay, thanks for your kind reply.

Only Envato Author Support will be able to confirm if this item is ok, but, having looked at it in more detail, I think they will say it’s ok because they are not offering the item for free except for a short period to try it out.

I’ve seen demo access to themes in the last from several authors, and while it requires investment in resource and setup to be able to offer it, as long as it’s only temporary, I am not sure that they are doing anything wrong.