Second account

I have exclusive account. Can I create second account non-exclusive with the same payment details?

Yes. More information is shown on this page here:

Authors are not allowed to have more than two author accounts - one exclusive, one non-exclusive.

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so I can have one exclusive and one non-exclusive but I can’t have three accounts?

Second question is:
Can I offer free version of premium theme before purchase?

Correct, 2 as exclusive and non exclusive but no more.

No you can’t offer free versions

I can’t offer free version even as non-exclusive author? I want sell premium theme at themeforest, but at my site I want offer free version without some features. At themeforest there won’t be any info about free version.

If you are non exclusive then you can offer lite versions in certain circumstances

Envato does not permit you to instead offer the “lite” version of your exclusive theme outside of Envato. Read on for some additional clarifications and a few special exceptions.

Are there any exceptions to exclusivity for items that belong to the same Product Family?

  1. Envato authors of WordPress themes and plugins are permitted to offer lite versions (a version with reduced/limited functionality) of their exclusive themes and plugins for free on

You will get more info on Exclusivity Policy page.