Envato, please keep ThemeForest the place for quality products

Hello everyone,

I believe it’s my place to initiate this conversation. Lately, there’s been a significant influx of authors joining the Shopify theme market, indicative of the flourishing e-commerce landscape. This surge offers users a broader range of choices, ensuring they opt for superior quality Shopify themes. Nonetheless, certain authors appear to be flooding the market with an overwhelming number of Shopify themes, which often amount to dozens, if not hundreds.

It’s quite perplexing that the review team has granted them permission to upload a multitude of themes. While these authors aren’t infringing on any of Envato’s regulations, I, as a purveyor of high-quality Shopify themes, feel there should be measures in place to curb such excessive market saturation.

Upon perusal of the first page of Shopify, you’ll notice a single author with a plethora of Shopify themes. Take a look at the first page of Shopify themes Shopify Themes from ThemeForest, up to 20/30 Shopify themes come from author RajodiyaInfotech. Most of them are simple Shopify themes, differing only in terms of design. What does this mean for users searching for fresh themes, only to find a majority of them stem from a single author? I implore fellow authors to concentrate their efforts on crafting high-quality products instead of inundating the market with a torrent of Shopify themes.

I fervently hope that Envato will implement strategies to diminish instances of authors persistently uploading such an extensive array of Shopify themes. This current situation risks making customers feel as though they are navigating through a wasteland of discarded themes.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and welcome any feedback you might have.

Thank you


I completely agree with you on this @The4. In addition to this let me tell you that this is not just the case with only Shopify category but also with the WordPress category. Addition of new authors is obviously good for the market but Envato have to put on some kind of stricter rules for the design and pricing the item. I mean look at the item pricing set by certain authors who sell the eCommerce theme at a throw away price, which ultimately force other authors as well to sell their items at a cheaper price to stay in the competition.

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And there should be a minimum price limitation for the item categories, I thought.


Yes, it’s basically Envato so it doesn’t allow price changes, it helps the market better. Besides, they should also tighten the review of new themes. What happens when an author has hundreds of themes but most of them are not for sale??

Agree with this. Keep the healthy environment with the minimum price.

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I completely agree with you. This author seems to be using the “Spam Theme” strategy to saturate the market. I think themes that have 0 sale in a period of time (eg 1-2 months) should be removed from the market.

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I agree with you, Shopify themes that after 2 months of no sales means it has no value to users and Envato should remove such themes to help market better quality. I believe that with the current speed of approving Shopify themes, Envato will lose a lot of customers and even the authors won’t trust the platform anymore.