Is this fair competition? How long will Envato allow to sell long-selling themes under the guise of new ones?

Currently one of the themeforest top author released new multi-niche theme. When I looked closely, i found that it is a set of old fashioned themes mixed with a new one.
It’s no secret that we all use our experience in creating new topics. But how honest is it with respect to the community to sell twice the same theme? Is this fair competition? What do you think if every new theme will be renamed old one? …or maybe it is brilliant idea?
On the other hand, if envato allows include old theme like a new, how many times i can do it? can i oversaturate market with a fake new themes like it do some smart authors? What do you think guys?

well all (98%) themes are copy of each other…same layouts, visual composer, importer, code…so only question is who will better present its work to peoples :slight_smile:

Author Lives become harder and harder, mate!
Even Power Elite have to

  • Include all old themes to a new one.
  • Sell them all at 50% off
  • Free installation
  • It’s risk-free! If you’re not happy with xxx for any reason, we’ll give you your money back. and Give 30 days moneyback!

Welcome to the Free Market!