envato payouts

hi , 5 days ago i reiceved a payment from envato to my paypal account with two confirmation emails from both sides, but until now I do not see money credited to paypal, how is possible??? can someone help me, please

Hello @ardit1992

You got both email for that envato sent your payouts, Now Contact to paypal support for help,

We also face this issue before, problem not in envato,

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You can open a Envato help ticket from here

Here is paypal help center

hope they would like to assist you.


Hi @ardit1992

In this situation please contact envato support ASAP

Please go through the above link and try to know what is actually happened from enavto. because they have the correct record and status of your earning and payout.

I would like to suggest use Payoneer. Payoneer Signup