How I get my Payout returned at Envato From Paypal

Today i.e.16 Dec 2019 payout processed from Envato to my paypal account, but payment returned at Envato because of incomplete KYC of paypal.
Now returned payment not showing at my Envato account.
And I have completed KYC of paypal.
So I want my payout which is returned at Envato, how I get same?


Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


Sent request on contract author support , how much time support take for solution ?

No need to contact support, it’ll get sorted. Takes a bit of time though as payments are sent from Envato themselves (rather than from your specific Envato account), so they get refunded to Envato…and then they have to be manually allocated back to the right account. They’ll sort it though!.

sounds good