Envato Market/Element subscription???

So apparently I messed up. Last year a cleint specifically asked for an audio file from Audio Jungle. I had to create an account on Envato Market. I paid the $198, and just got a renewal. I have been trying to log into Envato Elements. I thought that’s what my $198 a year is going for. Apparently I have to logins, with two different emails. One for markets, one for Elements. So now I’m logged in to Envato Market, and can’t figure out what my $198 a year goes to??? What am I being charged for, if I still have to pay for a clip of music? Trying to navigate Envato and find out my subscription, or getting help is frustrating.


Hello @NewOrleansTodd

Envato Market and Envato Elements are two different things:

  1. Envato Market - formed of AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon etc. which are all different marketplaces selling different types of products (music for AudioJungle, graphics for GraphicRiver and so on…). What is important to know is that in all these markets you pay per product/license

  2. Envato Elements - a subscription based service where you can download multiple different items and use them as long as you have the subscription active.

What you did was subscribing to Envato Elements. You’ll need to end your subscription if you do not need it. And if you need something from AudioJungle, you have to pay for that specific product only once :blush:

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Just to add, you can access and use your subscription at:

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hello, I have a trial subscription for 7 days, I want to cancel please help me, no one answered the mail