I have just signed up for envato market, can I get access to all contents of audio jungle with this monthly membership ?

Today I have signed up monthly membership at envato and my main purpose of signing this ,to get music for my youtube channel at no extra cost on top of my monthly membership.

But now when I search any song at audio jungle ,it shows me price of that and ask for payment . Is that not included in membership with Envato ? I can search things at envato those are free to use with this membership but not audijungle. I started this for audijungle only.
Any suggestions please.


Envato Elements provide a subscription base service where envato market is marketplace to sell individual Items. In envato market there is no subscription service.

Elements is separate than Envato Market (as like themeforest, videohive, audiojungle ) and not all the items on Envato Market are available on Elements. Here’s the current list of All available Items in Elements, just use search functionality at top to find any specific Item. If you like, you can certainly purchase the Item license individually from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support.

Hope you understand.