Why can‘t I download with my Element subscription?

I found an audio file that I would like to use for some video editing https://audiojungle.net/item/inspiration/10937764

The file lists a one off price and the page also promoted the elements subscription which I decided was a good option. So I promptly signed up and returned to the file only to find it still asking for a one off payment?

Shouldn’t this be included in the subscription since that what was promoted?

When you are subscribed to Envato Elements, you can download stuff only from Envato Elements, not form other marketplaces like AudioJungle.

If you haven’t downloaded anything yet, you can ask for a refund. Check this article and submit a request at the bottom:

Thanks @LSVRthemes

Maybe I’m missing something here but they promoted the Elements subscription on this page to be able to download millions of assets so I assumed that this would apply to the very asset I was looking at?

Nope, that’s just an ad for the Envato Elements service. It’s a different platform. Some items may be found on both though.

Does Envato Elements have the same items as Envato Market?

No. Although Envato Elements and Envato Market stock similar content, some items are exclusive to either platform. So, some items are on both, some are only available on Envato Elements, others are only available on Envato Market.

If you are looking for a specific item, please be sure that the item is available on Envato Elements before subscribing.

hi this is simple. elements in just on invitation , all the authors who may want to join cannot do unless they are accepted and all the guys who are indeed accepted do not put all of their items in the concerned platforms , so that having a subscription does not mean that u can download it all