Envato market affiliate - Impact contract expired

Hi Envato team,

I received a notification that my impact contract expired. I tried to contact Envato https://help.market.envato.com/ 18 days ago. But, there is no one help me. My ticket ID is #3083570 https://prnt.sc/JjdNf_DGNAfK. So, I write this topic and hope Envato team will help me soon. Also, I didn’t yet receive my earning (Jan 2023).


Hi @skygroup,

you can contact impact support. They may give you the right direction.
Also if you like to hear from Envato just add a new conversation in your open ticket (#3083570) to send them a notification. But I think impact is the right team for it.


Hi @mgscoder ,

Thank you for reply!

I contacted Impact. They said:

Because you are applying directly to the Brand’s program, Impact does not have a say in the status or decision of your application. We would recommend following up directly with the Brand, as they can give you better insight. We recommend using a browser to search for the Brand’s name followed by “affiliate program” or similar search terms, to find the Brand’s best contact information.

So, only Envato can resolve this issue.

I also tried to add a new conversation in my ticket on https://help.market.envato.com/. Still no response.

Please keep patience. Hope they will reply soon. @emile_b can help you

Hi @mgscoder ,

I waited over 20 days. Do you think I’m not patient? :slight_smile:

Is there anyone else who manages Envato affiliate? I also tried to send a private email to @emile_b via Impact. Same result, no response. It seems that @emile_b was offline a long time.


No one can help me? :frowning: @mgscoder , @emile_b , @BenLeong @Kristinbrodie , @KingDog

Have you joined impact through Envato affiliate program using this link? - Envato Affiliates - Programs

Sorry! but I am not able to help on this. You have to set in through Envato Market Affiliates Team. you can contact with Envato Market Affiliates Team @emile_b (emile.ben-atar@envato.com) or contact@partnerships.envato.com



Hi @mgscoder , @emile_b , @BenLeong , @Kristinbrodie , @KingDog

Thank you for response!

I think you forgot my first message. I joined Envato Affilicate many years ago. My problem is my contract was expired. I need to renew. But, I don’t see any option which allows me to renew. So, I had to contact Envato.

At least, Envato Affilicate team should reply my ticket which is being delayed 1 month.

It seems that Envato Affilicate team does not work. No one is working now. I see another user also has a problem with Envato Affilicate. His application is not checked. You can see this topic https://forums.envato.com/t/application-not-approve-in-impact-account/445661

Thank @mgscoder very much! But, I hope one of Envato Affilicate team member can reply my ticket or join this topic. I need a response from their.

Thank you!

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Thank you, the affiliate has been directly replied to, and the matter has been addressed

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