ENVATO live preview causing issue, demo not working as expected in ENAVTO iframe

ENVATO live preview causing issue, demo not working as expected in ENAVTO iframe. Demo is working fine without ENVATO iframe , but some features not working correctly in ENVATO live preview. HOw to get rid from this issue of ENVATO?

you can get support from envato team/staff let’s tagging envato Engineer team @rosssimpson he will help you.

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Envato are not going to change or remove their preview model - you are going to need to explore your item and/or hosting and modify that to resolve the issue

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But at least Envato should create a documentations page , that what is solution for it and what could be the settings from hosting end to fix it. They could support/help authors little bit, becuase authors are primarly pillar of Envato.

It’s unlikely that it would be possible as the issue could relate to any number of things from hosting to the specifics of the item - trying to cover all bases would more than likely create greater confusion

It’s had to advise without knowing what the problem is but the most common are thigns like X-Frame-Options - if you search these forums then more often than not there are replies from other authors or envato devs

If it is problem for all community authors. Should not only ENVATO to apply solution at their end. rather then putting all authors into trouble

I imagine if it was a problem for all community authors then they would make amends, but based on these forums, even the most common X-Frame issue (which is almost always down to the authors’ end and budget hosting), only impacts a handful of authors.

The other hundreds/thousands do not appear to have a problem (or if they do then it is not shared here).

Hi @charlie4282 problem is problem even if it is to limited number of authors. You can’t ignore it , until it not happen to 100:100

Hi @wpminds,

I’d be happy to take a look, but you didn’t mention which of your items was having the problem, nor what the problems were.

I did notice the preview frame loaded successfully for all your items, so it’s not an issue with the X-Frame-Options header. I also see that your previews which use cookies set the Secure flag and set the SameSite parameter to None, which should take care of any cookie-based issues.

Without some details we can’t help troubleshoot the issue. Feel free to reply here or reply via DM if you like.

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This so called work-around that I’ve provided doesn’t work on all browsers, and I’ve informed you guys long time ago, several times: Iframe, not letting my customers to check the demo version. - #16 by lunatio

Perhaps it’s time to consider my suggestion at: Iframe, not letting my customers to check the demo version. - #14 by lunatio

We’re a couple months away from this SameSite=None “fix” to not work on all Chrome browsers by default (it already doesn’t work on Firefox for example).

I think solution should be, Envato should offer some space to authors to setup demo for each product on their own servers so everyone get rid from this iframe issue.

@wpminds, @lunatio:

Thanks for your feedback! We’re aware of the issues, and we know that this is a frustrating problem. All I can say at the moment is that our Product team are looking at solutions right now. Some of the recent experiments on the preview page were designed to give us data about how the page is used by buyers, which informs the solutions they’re coming up with.

There’s no firm date from the Chrome dev team when support for 3p cookies will be dropped entirely (only that it’s scheduled to happen before 2022). There will be some communication coming from us on the subject.

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Hi @rosssimpson

My users are struggling with iframe issue on demo. This is one of my item: Rezervy - Online bookings system for cleaning, maids, plumber, maintenance, repair, salon services by wpminds (codecanyon.net)

You can check demo and try to add services and addons into cart, it should display in booking summary. However, it is working just fine on direct link of our demo here: Rezervy Online Booking System Demo but not with live preview of ENVATO. After selecting the services and addons, it is not appearing in booking summary on right sidebar. It is clearly a issue with iframe of ENVATO preview. Please comes up with solution this time @rosssimpson.