ENVATO live preview causing issue, demo not working as expected in ENAVTO iframe

No response to my old topic since last 26days. Here is URL: [ENVATO live preview causing issue, demo not working as expected in ENAVTO iframe - #13 by wpminds](https://Old topic url for same issue). So now asking again:

Hi @rosssimpson

My users are struggling with iframe issue on demo. This is one of my item: Rezervy - Online bookings system for cleaning, maids, plumber, maintenance, repair, salon services by wpminds (codecanyon.net)

You can check demo and try to add services and addons into cart, it should display in booking summary. However, it is working just fine on direct link of our demo here: Rezervy Online Booking System Demo but not with live preview of ENVATO. After selecting the services and addons, it is not appearing in booking summary on right sidebar. It is clearly a issue with iframe of ENVATO preview. Please comes up with solution this time @rosssimpson.

Your live demo is using sessionStorage which will no longer work on most modern browsers due to third party cookie blocking. Envato expressed that they were searching for a solution to this almost two years ago and has made no movement.

Consider changing your live demo to show a button that opens it in a new tab. Example: JustMobile | PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile App Preview - CodeCanyon

Hi @baileyherbert thanks for your response. I will go ahead to adopt this solution.

@Envato should offer capability for direct demo URL instead of Iframe preview, if they are not able to provide any solution. This issue is present from years and no efforts from Enavto on this.

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