Envato invoce strange period

Hi there. I’ve checked the envato invoices on my “Statements” tab for the first time.

I notice a range of time I dont understand. I explain myself:

Envato pays every 15 days, so If I go to april I expected to find a sales range from 15 march to 15 april and the sales amount for this period time, but I dont… the period range goes to 1st of April to 24th of April. Not sure why…

And in march (for example) the period range is more spooky… It goes from From 5 March to 31 March.

Anybody could explain me this?

Your sales ale month by month, not from 15 to 15 - the 15 of every month is just the date when they calculate and pay your salary.

Or am I wrong ? :slight_smile:

You request the payment for the previous month ( 1st to 31 st ) before the last day of the month. After two weeks ( 15th ) you get the payment.

The last sale was at 24th of April as the 31st of March ( your case )