Hey there, is there a problem with earning report? Usually, envato will calculate earning market on 1st at every month, but my earning in market still counting

Second, my earning count in envato element got stuck and not counting for 2 days

Maybe someone know this issue, please give me a feedback

Thank You

Im sorry, I just ready the notice from envato above. But the question is, how about the envato market calculation, will it stopped on 15th every month?

It’s already fixed and reset to the original amount. ( on my side )

If you don’t see any earning changes on Elements ( daily report ) means your item are not being downloaded.


my earnings also changed to “transfer to balance” status, but I don’t see this money on any balance… and as I understand, this money has not been sent to my PP yet?? everything was very confusing :thinking:

At 16th of this month, you will receive the payment

I mean the date is stopped at the last day of last month. If I don’t have ane download, it would be change the date with the zero-dollar

But there no date changes, it’s like there is a problem with the counting system

Not sure what the problem is or if there’s any, you can contact support