Envato Forum - Small but important bug


Image loading of users profile image is super slow, I checked and I found image of 50x50px have 4+MB.

I checked: http://community.envato.com/ (screenshot http://www.pixor.it/shared/2016-05-15_151126.jpg)
Profile image is: http://12864-presscdn-0-46.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Dom-DP-JPEG.jpg

This stupid problem cause lost of money for Envato, due to high bandwidth usage, and caouse low performance for users.


Hey @Schiocco!

The Forums & community.envato.com serve assets via different CDNs, so one doesn’t impact the other.

Additionally, while indeed the avatars from community.envato.com may link to the full uploaded image, the server only fetches the correct size when displaying the whole page (i.e: the avatar you’re referring to is just under 500B and took 52ms to load) :slight_smile:

Check out the image below (or try the inspector in Chrome > Resources (+refresh) > Img to see for yourself)

Later edit: @hogash pointed out that if cache is disabled, the full image is indeed loaded even solely for the avatar thumbnail (all 4.5mb of it). Thanks, @hogash :smiley: That said, this should normally only be the case on initial visit, or if you’re using DevTools & manually disabled caching :slight_smile:



I think you are right, but on initial visit this will happen for sure:

  1. The browser read the URLs of HTML and load its. So if there is this link into the HTML, the browser will load the 4+MB image.

  2. Is not possible have a image of 500B. These are not the true file size of downloaded image.

  3. I dont know good the CDNs, but what I know is that are only storage servers that serve resources from different locations and with a high speed. Not related to this problem I think.

  4. If I check without cache in inspector I get the full size with 3.6s of loading (this is extremely high, due I have a 50Mbit connection), check http://www.pixor.it/shared/2016-05-16_110736.jpg

But maybe I’m wrong, I’m not a network expert. Anyway I’m almost sure this bug increases the bandwidth usage of 200%, 500% or more, if you consider that the other contents, together are less than 2MB.



Schiocco is right.

The size of the author avatar is 4.5mb. Too much for a 36x36px background.
441b is only with cache.

That’s just my two cents.
Have a good day


Epic image sizes!

That community home page should pull in the same resized image thumbs as the forum (e.g. here https://forums.envato.com/c/articles - same images resized correctly )