Images not loading and all browsers returning 503 error

Images are not loading on the website and all browsers are showing a 503 error.

Same here: no images loading (Belgium, Europe - Telenet Fiber)

Hopefully it will be fixed soon since I’m working on a project with a deadline…

Probably it has to do with:

“Many of the world’s biggest websites are currently offline as a result of a suspected outage at cloud platform data centre”

You can find more in news section (google).

Here the same problem in the Netherlands. No preview images are loading during the search.

I read the Google New Article and investigated the outage. This makes sense that it is affecting globally, but a fix is already being implemented by a California Company. I guess we stand by while the Interest stands still. Thanks for the info.

My prewiew image are not loading !

It’s caused by Fastly: a CDN company.

Also in Italy have the same problem, many previews are not loaded and the image of the broken file is displayed. We have checked with various browsers and the least affected appears to be SAFARI