Is Envato.Elements down???
I tried to buy a 1 month subscription for Elements and when i went logged into Envato it logged me in fine, when i clicked to go over to Envato Elements it loads a page that says “Something went wrong,please contact Support” When i’m logged out, Envato.Elements loads just fine and i can browse areound. When i’m logged into Envato and try to hop over to Elements, it errors out the page… Any Advice? Is this happening to others?

envato elements is running fine. You can try from this page:

Same thing, i clicked the link you just gave me and it takes me to this page.
The tab says “Unable to Log-In”

have you tried with logout envato market. or using another browser!

Yeah, when i’m logged out, Envato Elements loads fine, when i try to log-in, it sends me to this page. When i log in at Envato.Forums and then navigate to Elements, it gives me this page again. It’s like it won’t load Elements IF i’m logged in

From your screenshot, it looks like your account may have been locked due to some flag. Contact support here for help – https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new