Envato Elements - Video Templates - Intro Videos - Where is the audio for that temaplate?

Our company has an account with Evanto Elements and I am trying to create an intro video but when I have downloaded the templates for AE the packages come with everything except the music that goes with that theme. Where can I find the music that I hear when I preview the template before downloading it? is it free or would it cost money? TIA

Most video templates don’t come with the music/sound effects. Usually they will link to where you can find the music in the item description, or mention it in documentation provided with the item. Sometimes they’re free, but usually you’ll have to buy it.

In more than 99% of the cases, the audio comes from Audiojungle.net. Some of the audio on Audiojungle is also available on Elements.

The author of the video template is supposed to give a link to the audio or name the title and author so that buyers can find it.

I mention every sound I use in the descriptin of my items, and most of my items on Elements use Sound that is also available on Elements.

Hi @dovertyson

Most video templates are unfortunately missing music credits in Elements and Envato does not seem in a hurry to fix this obvious issue. At the moment the best you can do is to watch this guide how to find the tracks yourself with a little investigation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RyBbjGxP7w

Thanks for the help, I will check out that video.

Thank you for your help! I will look in the description again to see if I can find what music the template uses.