Envato elements license question

Hello Envato team, I have a question regarding the license you offer. We are designers who create videos and invitations for clients, and we are interested in subscribing to your service to use the tools for our client’s final products. We publish our own digital invitations on our website, and we would like to know if we can use the invitation templates available on your platform to create our final products. Of course, we would obtain the necessary licenses for each client’s final product. We would make significant changes to the templates, such as replacing the photos with our clients’ own images. We would also require the use of some elements from your platform and would obtain the necessary licenses. We are unsure if we can use Envato for our business, as we publish our own invitations on our website, and our clients provide us with personal photos and information for the final products. Can you please let us know if this is possible and if there are any restrictions we should be aware of?

I was reading through your license terms and found a section that states that customizations and offering products à la carte are not allowed. This has left me slightly confused because my business provides invitation services, and I am unsure if that falls under the category of offering a service à la carte. Nevertheless, I really like your platform and see an opportunity to use certain elements to support my business, but the terms of your license are causing some confusion. For example, if an agency creates content and a client wants it to be produced in a certain way, I believe that would be considered a service à la carte, but I don’t fully understand your license. Could you please clarify the terms for me and explain in which cases I could use your platform in my business?

Thank you for your prompt response.