Help ! Can i showcase preview images and videos from elements to my website as a service products.

Can i download the template preview pictures and videos and showcase them on my website as service products to be sold ? by this way my customers can see the preview images and buy the service products, after an order from my customer i will register each item on envato elements and edit the template for that user… It helps grow sales for envato elements and the designer gets his revenue and i get my editing charges… i hope this is valid ?

Need some clarification on it. please help @Envato

Hi @Naresh_Pixelo,

From what I understand, you want to offer your services as someone who will edit a template for someone that they download from Elements, correct? I think it would be best if you just link directly to the Elements items for your customers to buy and download, that way they have the license on their own accounts.

It may be best to contact Elements Support on this as they’ll be able to clarify it for you.

You can download the authors images and use them - you’d have to do it via affiliates but @XioxGraphix rightfully said it’s far better practice to use themeforest purchases for client work (lifetime updates, bug fixes, and initial support) and to have the client buy it themselves so that they do not lose access to any of this should you part company.

Yes this sounds good, but what if my client just wants one digital invitation card for his wedding ? He would be paying 200$ for elements subscription… Which he will not prefer.

If i, as a template editor purchase the subscription and showcase some of the designs (preview images) on my website and receive the order to edit it then i would license the invitation card template for my client from my subscription and edit the entire thing for just 10$ .

The client gets his required product for a ar better price, I get my editing charges and elements authors get their share each time i license products after i receive an order… Win- win for all , i hope this makes sense

I get it, but what if the item is available on envato elements in my subscription? If i do the licensing on his behalf from my subscription it would be feasible for my clients.

I hope This isn’t illegal, as far as the envato terms and fair use policy I’ve read

It’s not illegal but you are preventing them (or you if you are being paid to maintain it) from getting the updates and support from a full purchase.

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I get your point :+1: thanks mate for your suggestion ! :slight_smile: