(Copyright/Licence question) Can i use a card design as a flyer?

Hi, I purchased an amazing business card design template from Envato elements, and really want to use that design as a flyer.

It’s for a completely non-profitable event and I’ll print it less than 10.

am I allowed to use it?

(also, is there any provisions related to this? I looked up the license page but couldn’t find anything…)

For your concern please Elements Support. Envato Elements License Expert will be very happy to assist you.

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hi as for i know , to put any element in something that u may post and sell here, then , it will take u an extended license indeed … in case u are reselling somewhere else and no using repeatedly a standard licence should be ok
as for i know the number of times does not matter this much in your case as u do not have a massive printed camping, u should be able to use it for several thousands if i remember well
i also think that it does not matter what u use the item for … whether u turn a flyer into a business card or the opposite way around does not really matter what matter most is what u do with it commercially speaking