Envato Community Health Survey (FY19) - closing August 7


Update: Survey closed (August 7). We’ll be sharing results and assigning badges soon!

Hi there! I’d love to borrow 5 minutes of your time for a quick survey that will help us to improve the Envato community. This is the second time we’ve conducted this survey - many of you will remember it from November last year.

Please fill out the survey below. If the embedded version doesn’t work, you can also access it via https://envatocommunity.typeform.com/to/mTaJZH


Why are you doing this?

Community Health survey data gives us an indication of how well the community functions, and highlights the areas that our teams can focus on to make improvements. We’re aiming to provide a healthy, supportive and constructive community to help our members succeed - whether they’re authors, customers or both.

Will it really take 5 minutes?

Depending on how fast you click, it might be even shorter :wink: The survey has 12-14 questions, most of which are multiple choice.

Why do you need my username?

This year, your username is a compulsory question in the survey. That helps us to conduct more detailed analysis of the survey data, and enables us to award Community Health badges to all participants.

Can we find out what the results are?

Yes! I’ll be putting together a report for the community after we’ve gone through the data, which will show you what we’ve learned, and how it will influence the things we do next. If you give some of your time to take part, you have a right to see the impact of your work.

You can see a summary of our 2017 survey results here.

What was that about badges?

As a way of thanking everyone who takes part, we have a Community Health badge that we award to everyone who completes the survey. Please note: We’ll be adding this to your Envato Market profile after the survey wraps up.

If you have any questions about the survey, please post them here. We currently plan to run this survey for one month (ending in early August) - I’ll update this thread when we have confirmed our closing date.


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Already got the badge - still filled in the survey! Great survey btw.




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Also done! Glad to contribute to Envato’s future from my little perspective point. :sunglasses:


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This badge looks different to the current survey badge. Can we get two?


Can’t see the difference, looks the same: https://forums.envato.com/badges/403/community-health


Great design idea of badge’s pictogram by the way.




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Completed the survey :slight_smile:


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