Envato Community 2019 T-shirt contest - winners now announced!



Congratulations to all other Artist/Authors! :smiley: I’ll give a try too! No matters what design will win but I want that T-Shirt so I can say proudly, I’m an Envato Author… :slight_smile:


Great work! Good Luck! :clap:


Nice work, simple and stylish! Good Luck mate! :clap:


Nice job mate


Whats the idea/inspiration behind your design? I don’t understand this


Great work mate


“light” :slight_smile: but elements as designs, paper, pencils, etc many things, do u understand me?

I want add light because envato authors working as “idea” for so I add light :wink:


Great job! Very cool !


I want to wear that T-shirt :slight_smile:


Thank you bro


Thank you


That’s great! Good luck to all participants!


Does not look that sharp, or am I the one who is seeing it little blurr?


OK now I get it


Thank you for all comments,
but look like this is “icon contest”
not T-shirt contest …


Hi there.
So here is my designs for this contest.
monoline illustrations of envato icon having a good time :slight_smile:

I hope i can win this again haha. finger cross.

All the best for all participants.


Great work


This is my favorite design! Awesome work mate! Hope you will receive the gold badge :sunglasses:


Thanks bro, hope you also get the thsirt. :smile:


Excellent design. I like his symmetry. :+1: